On to Singapore

My one job while I was in Colorado this trip - was to be here when the trunk we shipped arrived from India.  They said it would take 4-6 weeks.  They picked it up from our flat in India June 16, 2015.  I include the year for reasons that will soon become clear.  So we thought we were timing things just right with me being in Colorado the end of July, first week of August. 

I waited and waited.  I began to feel alone and unloved.  There was no word on where my beautiful carved chest/trunk was.  I pictured it bobbing around on a big ship somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.  Ha.

We just ran a trace on it August 3rd, and were told "Congratulations!  Our shipment had just arrived in Mumbai."  Really?  It's been 6 weeks and it's still in India??  I could have walked from Delhi to Mumbai, dragging the damned thing behind me, and still been there sooner.  It's not through Indian customs yet, it's not even close to bobbing around on a boat.  If they loaded it today (which they won't) it'll be another 6-8 weeks for it to swim to the states. 

So, I'm ditching the trunk.  I don't care about it anymore.  As we say in Texas, I'm gonna make like a fetus and head out.  Singapore, here I come.  I'll worry about the stupic trunk in a couple of months.  I've packed my cute little sundresses and lifetime supply of flip flops and am ready to take on the unsuspecting population of Singapore.  Can't wait to see what it's all about.  :)

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