I’m back!  After a (sort of) forced hiatus from blogging, I am BACK in action and ready to tell it like it is (or at least how I see it.)

Before I get into any deep subjects though, I need to give a MASSIVE shout out to my good writing-buddy-sista-friend and Webmistress Extraordinaire – R.K., AKA Kiana’s Kreations. She designed and set up my web page even though I thoroughly tested her patience, acted like a total prat and made her question if I was really worth all the trouble.I know my attention span is shorter than Miley Cyrus’ hair, but R.K. pretended not to notice, and even though I acted like a demanding, raggedy princess (doesn’t happen often, but it totally made my day) she created exactly what I wanted! So, if you need a webpage developed (here’s my shameless plug) contact her at Kiana’s Kreations, her link is in the lower right hand corner of my home page. Okay, tatty princess acting out over with, and lacking any clear or obvious threats from third world countries, I’m ready to resume my blog.

Big announcement! Peter and I are currently in transit to Singapore, where we will be living for the next 2.5 or more years. These things are never quite certain. What is certain is we like it. We found a place near the marina, and are hovering (literally, Peter is in a plane somewhere over Asia) waiting to get the keys to the place. I’m chilling in Colorado until he sends me the secret handshake or the keys that will get us in the door of our new digs with all our grubby necessities. My days of smuggling loo roll and laundry soap appear to be over!

In the meantime, I’m working my little arse off doing promos for THE OLIVE PICKER. Truth is, I’m not the best marketer. I’d rather be writing, or sailing, or feeding the wildlife with my leftover kitchen failures, or just about anything other than marketing. Blogging is a great diversion, probably because it involves writing. The thing I like best about writing is I don’t have to get dressed, or take a shower right away, or even brush my teeth. Emphasis on the “right away,” I’m not a total slob. But I do veg out when I’m writing. That works well until I’m forced to do some marketing. Then, I’m all matching shoes and OMG why isn’t there anything in my closet, and when did my roots turn gray, and I even worry about under ware. Ugh. See the problem? But, it’s kind of good to get out of the house now and then and see real live people instead of just playing with the weird ones in my head, which, by the way, currently include a prematurely balding man with a comb over and an incontinence problem, a sex starved cook steaming a chicken, and a three legged dog named Tripod. There is also a kindly gray haired neighbor who comes over and makes me cocktails at noon. (She’s fiction – but I really like her.) No plot has formed yet, but I’m having fun writing.

That’s all for now. Have a great day,

xo Kathi

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