Peter and I got a new puppy, a German Shepherd!  His name is Sarge and he's absolutely gorgeous. 

I have been home with him for 4 days now, and I suddenly realized I am covered in band aides. Seriously, I did NOT plan to look like a plaster mummy for Halloween this year, but those TEETH!  His energy level starts out adorably sleepy and sweet, and gradually ramps up to out of control, in-home alligator over the course of about 20 minutes and the only thing that calms him down is exercise. So off we go, trekking through the woods, gathering as many sticks and pine cones as his little mouth can carry. Then he crashes and I can count on about an hour of peace, while he sleeps on my feet. I can't go anywhere, but at least I'm not being chewed like an old boot.

Until today. That's when my good friend Brenda Gibson brought her 1.5 year old super hyper, and super sweet Labrador named Gracille over to play. The two dogs chased each other around the deck and had so much fun, that Brenda and I were even able to chat and drink a bit of wine, with not a single injury that required another trip to the band aide bar. Sarge guarded his water bowl to the point of getting inside it, and Gracille graciously tolerated having her tail and ears nipped at while she played keep away with the dog toys.

It was a great day, and Sarge was completely knackered afterward. I'm wondering if I can get Gracille and Brenda to come over every day. Probably not, but soon. For the sake of my hands and toes - soon. 


Radio Interview - Hear it here!!

On August 27, 2016, I was interviewed by Jerry Fabyanic, host of KYGT 102.9 "The Goat" in Idaho Springs about my book, The Olive Picker. I was so nervous to start with, but Jerry was wonderful, put me at ease and before I knew it we had talked for an HOUR!!  It was informal, fun, and I would definitely not be such a wreck if that opportunity ever came up again.  :)

Here's a direct link to the recent radio interview on KYGT.



The Olive Picker has been making some waves lately! In addition to receiving great Editorial Reviews from Blue Ink (a Starred Review!!), Kirkus, and Readers Favorite, it's earned some awards:

GOLD Medal Award winner in the 2016 Readers Favorite in Non-Fiction - Memoir!! Woot!!! 

Silver Medal Award in Family & Relationships and a Bronze Award in Memoirs from the 2016 CIPA-EVVY's.

Silver Medal Award in Non-Fiction from the 2016 Global eBook Awards

AND, is short listed in the 2016 Kindle eBook Awards.

Not bad, not bad at all!


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