On to Singapore

My one job while I was in Colorado this trip - was to be here when the trunk we shipped arrived from India.  They said it would take 4-6 weeks.  They picked it up from our flat in India June 16, 2015.  I include the year for reasons that will soon become clear.  So we thought we were timing things just right with me being in Colorado the end of July, first week of August. 

I waited and waited.  I began to feel alone and unloved.  There was no word on where my beautiful carved chest/trunk was.  I pictured it bobbing around on a big ship somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.  Ha.

We just ran a trace on it August 3rd, and were told "Congratulations!  Our shipment had just arrived in Mumbai."  Really?  It's been 6 weeks and it's still in India??  I could have walked from Delhi to Mumbai, dragging the damned thing behind me, and still been there sooner.  It's not through Indian customs yet, it's not even close to bobbing around on a boat.  If they loaded it today (which they won't) it'll be another 6-8 weeks for it to swim to the states. 

So, I'm ditching the trunk.  I don't care about it anymore.  As we say in Texas, I'm gonna make like a fetus and head out.  Singapore, here I come.  I'll worry about the stupic trunk in a couple of months.  I've packed my cute little sundresses and lifetime supply of flip flops and am ready to take on the unsuspecting population of Singapore.  Can't wait to see what it's all about.  :)


Arrived in Singapore!!

Well, I've had a few technical problems. Grr. I packed my computer in India at the end of July, and expected it would be in Singapore within a couple of weeks of my arrival at mid-August. Nooooo. I've just learned it's actually still in India, and once it gets ON a boat - will not get here for another 4-8 weeks.

I've become rather cranky being off-line, so Peter took pity on me and borrowed a laptop from his office IT department until mine arrives. YAY!

The trip over from the US was no less than 25 hours and 4 minutes. I flew Singapore Airlines and wow, they know how to run a first class plane! They offer no less than four opportunities for dinner on the flight from LAX to Singapore. The choice was between a Western meal or the Asian offering. The western meal consisted of braised duck in a thick tamarind sauce served with Nonya vegetable stew and steamed rice. Really? I've never seen that on the Dairy Queen menu. I had to wonder what the Asian offering was. Well, that would be the minced chicken matsukaze simmered prawns, mustard lotus root sea steamed bream rolled in egg. Ugh. I passed on dinner. All four of them. I can't think of much worse than greeting my beloved after three weeks apart, with bed head hair and a bloated duck belly. I got to ride in the top of one of those A-380's, and slept all the way to Tokyo, where we all had to get off so they could change crew and clean the plane.

I've never been to Japan before so was eager to check out the lounge. My first impression is: The Japanese are a really refined people. REALLY refined. I made a bee-line to the restroom, and they have raised the act of "squeezing one out" to a euphoric event of epic proportions. Imagine: just as your pert little butt cheeks graze the toilet seat, not only does the heat radiate up through your entire body, but your senses are treated to surround sounds of rain pelting down all around. Talk about your "ahh" experience. I think I accidentally meditated.

Anyway, I reached my final destination on Sunday, August 9th. It's beautiful here. Very green and lush, but that's because it rains nearly everyday, and that's wrecking havoc with my hair. But all in all, a great place to spend the next bit of time.



First week

Singapore sits right on the equator, so it's hot.  Boiling in oil, hot.  Or maybe I'm just not used to it.  Coming straight from the mountains of Colorado where socks and sweaters rule the day, it's baking hot here.  Which isn't such a problem for me, but my hair has complained loudly.  I've been fighting back with an assortment of clips and tie-backs, then ended the argument with a hat.  

Food is everywhere and there are no cooking issues.  We have an enormous mall with several bakeries and grocery stores just four or five blocks from our flat.  Lacking a car (or more importantly, a driver) I've been hoofing it to and from the mall everyday, dragging my roller bag suitcase as a pack mule.  Yeah, I look goofy, but I've managed to collect everything I need to produce meals, and all within just a couple of days. Yay me!

I've even learned to make a Thai dish that Peter declared was so good he "could eat it every night."  Well now, who needs variety?  Lol.  




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